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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Transition clothes

4 weeks postpartum, still very puffy

When I was pregnant I loved wearing maternity clothes. I was so excited to be pregnant and show off my little and then big baby belly. Then, toward the end of my pregnancy, when I felt most gargantuan, I started to miss pants with a waist. There's a reason our pants have a waist and buttons. It's to keep them up and avoid that gross plumber's issue some people have. Ew.

I was told by a few people, who were very misinformed, that I could wear my old pants again 6 weeks after I had the baby. HA! Let me just say that the people who can fit into their old jeans six weeks postpartum are freaks of nature. I'm sorry if you're one of those people, but really, it's not normal. Not realizing that that information was a total load of crap, I swore I would not buy any more clothes until I could fit back into my old size. Then I realized I was being an idiot and found what a good friend called, transition clothes.

Transition clothes are loose, flowy, tent like, and don't hug your left over baby belly fat. They also leave room for your hips that are way wider than they ever were before. Can you believe that your hip bones actually move when you have a baby??? I still think that's completely crazy. Anyway...

Here are some good examples of transition clothes that are actually cute.

God bless the inventor of loose flowy cardigans like this one from Loft.

These loose flowy tank tops are great too.

Summer sweaters are really in style too, but if you live in one of the hottest areas of the country, they're not super practical, unless you never go outside. I do love them though.

And thank the Lord it is the summer of the maxi dress. These are a wonderful little gift from fashion to new mommies.

I would like to add that I don't believe you have to settle for just being a bigger size because you've had children. A great friend of mine has been super encouraging in the fact that you can do manageable exercise (30 mins/4 times a week) and get back to your old size in a few months. I think it takes the hips about a year to move back into place. More on postpartum exercise later...

Lord help us all as we try to navigate new mommyhood.

There are some great sales at Loft today. 40% off a lot of stuff!

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  1. not all of us can get back into our pre-prego clothes after baby. transition clothes were a must for me!

    here's my theory, "it took 9 months to gain it, it'll take 9 months to lose it." i needed to give myself that grace or else i would have felt defeated.

    btw- this is coming from someone who started at 123 and ended (fist pregnancy) at 183!

    happy 4th and happy mommying!

  2. Thanks Denise! Yes grace, grace and more grace. That's what I'm learning through this whole new mommy journey. I feel your pain with the pregnancy weight gain. Started at 145 and ended at 215. 215!!! I know it's crazy. But I think I'll know how to do it better next time. And yes, a few more months until I'm back to my normal size. Hope you had a good fourth!

  3. You look fantastic. You really do. Enjoy that baby. This is precious time. Blessings to you and yours! You look great!!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm so encouraged by these comments. I am trying to soak up all the sweet moments even in the middle of this difficult transition. Thank you again!