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Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I wore..

I actually wore real clothes last night and went somewhere! Let's say that again. I took a shower, put on make up, got dressed and went out into the land of the living. I had sushi with one of my favorite people and felt more like myself than I have in a while.

Here's what I wore:

This chambray shirt has always been faithful to me. I got it at Target last Spring I think, wore it all over Spain and then it actually fit right after I had Sam for our newborn pictures. Miracle of all miracles. Bless my little heart. I was so puffy. 

That's an Old Navy maternity tank top underneath. Why maternity? Because they are blessedly long. I will continue wearing maternity tanks for this reason.

And yes I actually bought a pair of skinny jeans. They are not my pre-baby size. I'm getting there, but the hips, oh the hips, have not made their way back to their original width. These are Old Navy's Rockstar Skinny Jeans. 

I'm so excited to be able to link up with the other What I Wore peeps finally! Now next week, who knows? I may not make it out of pjs, but I really enjoyed feeling cute again last night. 

Excited to check out the other fashionable chicas at The Pleated Poppy and Monday Mingle.

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  1. I love wearing chambray! it looks always great! and you paired it great with the coloured skinny jeans! :) visiting from WIWW :)

    jump and twirl

  2. You look lovely! I've been on the hunt for a chambray shirt all year but no luck yet. pre-baby son is 8 and some days I still wish my hips would go back to my pre-baby size...a pipe dream for me now!

    Pink Chai Style