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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sugar Relapses and the Lessons We Learn's been a while. There was the whole hand injury and the start of school and if you know me, you know that takes over my whole being. It was all wake up, go to work, come home, be barely coherent, eat, go to sleep for a few days. I'm adjusted now. I think...No really I do feel like my body is adjusting and I'm getting my energy back up. I'm taking some suped up vitamins that I got from my doctor. It turns out my B & D vitamin levels were low and so I got some pharmaceutical grade vitamins and man I can tell a difference. They really perk me up. It's amazing how you feel when you have the right amount of nutrients in your system. :)

So this week I've been really craving sugar. I had been doing really well. No soda or sweet tea. Only things with real sources of sugar in them (honey, maple syrup and cane sugar, rarely) and then this week it was outta control. I'm not sure if it's PMS or stress. I think my body craves carbs and sugar when I'm stressed. I also heard if you're not getting enough full fats you can crave refined carbs, but I made some biscuits this week that would give most people a heart attack (lots of butter and buttermilk) so I'm not sure that's it.

 Anyway, yesterday was a shameful day in terms of eating real food. There may have been a Mtn. Dew, a candy bar and some cookie dough involved (all the while looking at my husband, telling him not to judge me) and almost immediately I felt horrible, physically. I mean really. And then I felt awful for the rest of the day. It was hard to go to sleep because my stomach hurt. So it served as a good reminder that there were tons of reasons why I started eating real food only, but the one that trumps them all was that I just wanted to feel better and I feel like crap when I eat crap. The end.

So there's a new online cooking class available called Real Food for Rookies by Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Her blog is awesome and from what I've heard about this class, it sounds awesome. I think I'm definitely going to do it. I feel like I've learned a lot about real food, but there are still things that are overwhelming and it sounds like this class will help sort some of those things out, like how to prepare quick, real food dinners, and how to talk to farmer's market vendors without offending them. I always hate asking about pesticides! Anyway, you should sign up if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the real food info!

Check out the top 10 reasons to do it here:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm making bread today! Time to go cover myself in flour and knead!


Disclaimer: If you sign up for the e-course from the link above I do get a little kickback.

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  1. Glad to hear from you. I look forward to local-economy food in Upstate New York, but not after I eat all the bad things I've been missing the past four months!