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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curly Girl

So I finally read this hair changing book and I'd like to share what I thought. I pretty much only have awesome things to say about it.

Now if you read my previous no-poo post, you know my hair story. It's been a struggle for me to love this hair, but this is the hair God blessed me with and it's time for me to embrace it and this book really helped me do that. 

The whole philosophy of the book is, you've been given curly hair for a reason, quit straightening it, love it, it's beautiful. And just reading it was healing after struggling with not being straight haired my whole life. 

The book goes into great detail about diagnosing what kind of curly hair you have and how to care for your specific kind and even has "potions" you can make to use on your hair. Word to the wise: be careful with the heavy cream one. :) 

So I've been doing the Curly Girl routine for a couple of weeks or so now, along with the no-pooing (they work really well together) and it's going great! Every time I start to feel a little afraid and have the urge to straighten, I remind myself that God blessed me with this hair and I'm going to love it and for the most part, it's been great.

God has blessed me with little compliments from people along the way. On one particularly insecure day a girl at Firehouse Subs told me she thought it was awesome that I didn't straighten it and I almost cried. (Yes, I'm that emotional.) And then today one of my students said, "Mrs. Schell, with a monsoon of respect, you have the curliest hair I think I've ever seen." And another said, "It's awesome." 

So I'm getting there. It's hard to let go of that straight haired ideal that you've been sold your whole life, but it's coming. I can feel it, one more step toward self acceptance. 

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  1. I have always thought that you had very beautiful hair. Your grown-up hair cut at the time of your wedding was my favorite, but I know in later high school/college you could keep it long without being too pouf-y. Don't get me wrong- your bob is really cute. But the girl I remember has long, curly blondish hair with some weird straight brown strands underneath. And you owned it.