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Saturday, May 8, 2010

as we near the end...

We only have three full weeks of school left. Can you hear the shouts of, "Hallelujah!" echoing from teenagers and teachers everywhere? I know I can. It's not that I'm unhappy with my job because trust me, I have done some soul searching about if this is the right career for me...and I believe it is. We just desperately need a break. From teaching, learning, the day in, day out routine, from each other mainly.

And as we near the end of it, I notice we are slowly losing the ability to control ourselves, mostly our mouths. A few examples to provide entertainment...

Last week while watching a movie about Spain (there was a Spanish actress on screen) a student says rather loudly in the middle of the movie, "MILF." Awesome. So, I then asked him if he'd like to explain to his mom what a MILF is. And then I tried to explain to him how awkward that conversation might be. So he stayed after class to profusely apologize and assure me that his mom does not, in fact, know what a MILF is and neither does his dad, because while watching GLEE his dad had to ask what that was. He also assured me that he does not want to explain that to his parents and that he would not say that again. 

Yesterday in the middle of first period a kid just blurts out that he has no underwear on. And then informs us that if he threw something down the hall during any class change at any point, it would probably hit 5-10 people that were not wearing underwear. Then he looked at a friend and said, "Do you even own underwear?" The friend said, "No." 

I mean really? Just stop talking.

These same boys asked me why we were bothering with such "petty rules" as dress code so close to the end of the year. Because we don't want to see  your nakedness. That's why. Gross. 

I just ask that you keep your clothes on and your mouths closed for 14 more days, children, please.

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