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Thursday, May 6, 2010

the only exercise I love...

I know...gasp. Love and exercise in the same sentence from me should make people's heads spin and eyes pop. But after you get over the last year or so I've found that there is in fact a type of exercise that I enjoy and can keep myself doing over and over again, even when I'm sweating. I know, gasp again.

And that exercise is, drum roll please.....YOGA. Oh I just love it so much! Every time I try to do any other kind of exercise I just feel like I'm punishing myself. I feel like it's just one more form of self-hatred I'm engaging in. And trust me, I have to work real hard to stay away from that. So why would I want more of it? (By the way: I do not think that people who do other forms of exercise are engaging in self hatred. I feel that way for me. Maybe because for me, it was just another way of me trying to be like someone else I'm not, you know running, when I hate running...more on that later.)

When I do yoga I feel like I'm being kind to my body and like it can say, "Ahhh..." And I'm not talking weenie stuff either. I do the hard stuff. I mean I'm no pro, but I did manage one of those support your whole body on the back of your arms kind of poses for a few seconds a couple of weeks ago. I soon fell backwards, but hey, I did it for a few seconds and that's progress! And when I do a shoulder stand and then the thing where you put your feet backwards behind your head, I get so excited that I actually did it and didn't hurt myself or someone else!
    (That's not me, by the way.)
I just feel so strong and good about myself when I stand up off the floor after I'm done. And not in a prideful, I'm better than other people kind of way. But in a healthy way, I feel like my body is strong and just did some cool things and I think every girl could use a little of that.

And oooh the benefits!

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