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Thursday, May 6, 2010

quitting the bloat

In my quest to be healthy I've thought about giving up sodas for a long time, considered it, pondered, and then been horrified and wondered how I would get through a day of 150+ teenagers sans diet dew. But my addiction has become pretty heavy this school year. I have one soda every morning to get the day started. Then one following lunch and sometimes another after that. All of that caffeine and fake sugar cannot be good for my body. Plus I think it's making me more bloated and I doubt it's helping the migraine problem.

Now,I am always talking about eating whole foods. I am seriously convicted about this EXCEPT when I have my 3 sodas a day. (hypocrite).   :) whoops. Then I read an article about how sodas lead to premature aging in your bones and tissues because over the last 10-20 years they have been adding more phosphorous and phosphorous leads to bone and muscle deterioration. So in my efforts to keep all things in my life healthy and whole, why not stop the sodas (for the most part) now? I mean really? I can have coffee or tea in the mornings and I don't need all of that caffeine anyway. So I started and it's been almost a week. And I haven't died or spontaneously combusted. 

What has made it easy? Amazing coffee. Ugly Mug from TN.
Good Vibes
I mean seriously, this coffee makes me sigh and say, mmmm...And there are several foods and drinks that make me do that in all fairness, but they have to be really good. I love holding my warm mug with this in it. I could never drink soda ever again for this stuff. I think I'll make some soon. Mmm... Ok anyway, and Izze natural sodas. They're natural fruit juice with sparkling water, so no soda junk. Just fruit juice, water and a little fizz. Yum!

So I think at least for this week, I've kicked the soda cans to the curb! We'll see how it goes! Wish me suerte! (luck)

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