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Sunday, May 16, 2010

whole foods (not the store) although I love the store

Probably two years ago my husband and I came across this book. It totally changed the way we viewed food. We sort of followed the plan in this book for a couple of months (mostly veggies, very little meat, less dairy, more water, green smoothies, less sugar) and we both lost some weight and noticed we felt remarkably better.

But then we realized that while some of the things in the book may be right, they just weren't practical. For instance, this girl cannot live in a world without cheese and chocolate. I mean really. So then we tried to do it in moderation. Then we fell pretty much all the way off the wagon...and for the last few months we've been trying to get back.

I've been very convicted over the last year or so to live a very whole, natural life with a  whole diet and natural exercise (whole foods, yoga). So I've been trying to eat a diet full of veggies, fruits and whole grains because I think this is the best way to go from everything I've read and seen. I think during the times when I've eaten less meat, I've felt better and my body has functioned better. This does not mean I'm a full fledged vegetarian. I just think for me, less meat works better. I could never give up my eggs and milk though. Never.

So I've been reading some good blogs about eating whole foods. There are a lot of great ones!
The Nourished Life
Nourishing Days
Musings of a Housewife
Food Renegade
And a lot more...
They're encouraging. They keep me up to date with what's important and what's healthy. And they remind me why I try to eat healthy, why I spend more money for organic stuff, why I buy "weirdo hippy" stuff, why it's important to me.

Today's most recent conviction from Musings of a Housewife is to cut out more sugar. It's just not good for us and it along with all the other processed food our country is addicted to and self medicating with is why we're the fattest nation in the world.

So I continue to trek down this road of trying to eat healthily and live more naturally...A few fun things we got this weekend at Organic Harvest in Hoover.
 um yes please!             Virgil's Natural Micro Brew Root Beer   hello!

Neti Pot Ceramic  by Himalayan Institute, UPC : 652865411998And I got a Neti Pot! We'll see how it goes and hope I don't drown! Wish me luck!

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