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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grace for Mommies

For some reason, I came into this phase of my life (new mommyhood) thinking that it would be easy, that I would adapt well, always know what to do and never get frustrated. I hope whoever is reading this is laughing out loud at that, because it is pretty ridiculous. After a pretty bad "mommy day" as a dear friend calls them, I read this post by Ann Voskamp and cried like a small child.

OF COURSE this is difficult. I am raising a person and hoping to do it well,  to teach him somewhat accurately who God is and how much He loves him, show him how to be a compassionate loving person, how to love others, share, eat his vegetables, use the potty. Oh it's so much. And some days I'm just so overwhelmed. These are the days I need grace the most. I have never had to depend on Jesus minute by minute like I do now. I need to feel His constant presence, peace and patience. I desperately need His love and affirmation that I am loving my son well, that I am hopefully some of the time, reflecting Christ. I rest continually in the promise that where I lack, God will fill in for Sam. Praise the Lord that He doesn't require perfection, just a willing heart. I am willing.

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  1. don't think too far ahead. it'll wear you out emotionally. just think about today. "rejoice and be glad in this day." you don't want to miss it by being consumed with worry. believe me, i know.

    God has every detail of your child life penned. he cares about those details more than you. promise. my babies are 14,13,and 10, and i've seen him work mightily!