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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mrs. Nice

Well we're getting there people. Can you tell I'm counting down? It doesn't help that my first period class makes a HUGE deal about our daily countdown on the board. We get a different picture for every different number. I should be more mature than them and not so ready to give up, but hey, it's May 13th and I haven't had a significant break from the teenagers since March. Can you really blame me? (I really do love them, but I'm tired.)

One of my kids did tell me today that it's already summer. Um no sweetie. If it was already summer, I'd be at the pool and I would not have heard various versions of my name 200 different ways today. (Mrs. Schell, Senora Schell, sometimes I just get Schell).

I found a note or should I call it graffiti written on a cardboard box under one of my shelves today that said, "I love Mrs. Schell, NOT." And I got sad for about 5 seconds and then I remembered that I teach mostly 10th graders, and mostly 10th grade boys. Oh bless them and their maturity levels. And then I remembered what one of my scariest college professors said (in a foreign accent), "I am not here to win a Mrs. Nice Contest." And I repeated it to myself a few times until I my feelings weren't hurt anymore. She was right about that. You don't become a teacher to win a popularity contest.

So here we are...11 more days. I really will miss this year's group of kids. They're fun and funny and creative. I know they'll grow up to be amazing people. But for now, we're all dreaming of sleeping late and no more paperwork or homework...

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