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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Baby Must Haves

There is just soooo much I didn't know about having a baby. And there's still sooo much I don't know about each new stage we'll get to. For instance, I had no idea when you were supposed to switch the nipple size on the bottles. No one told me! I wish I could have just downloaded all baby info into my brain while I was pregnant.

I also wish that when I was pregnant someone had made me a list of all the important things I'd need for a baby and which stuff to leave alone. So just in case anyone who is ever pregnant reads this, I'm making my own list of things that have made this whole adjustment easier.


These are so precious and perfect for swaddling newborns. When your baby develops super human strength and starts to bust out of these, move to the ones below.

Swaddle Me Blankets. Here's my little nugget in one. These are wonderful. Yes they look like baby straight jackets, but if it gets him to sleep, we'll use it!

We haven't needed a ton of toys yet, but as he starts to look around and grab things, I've really enjoyed
Lamaze toys. They are so fun and creative! I feel like they're some of the best for learning for little babies.

You can just never have enough. I love the one in this picture. It's great for him to look at while doing tummy time. And yes I have to confess. I have a blanket addiction. For sleeping, I use calmer ones because he's very visually stimulated.

Of course I knew I needed diapers, but had no idea which ones were good and which ones were not. A sweet mom broke it down for me in Babies R Us one day when I was super pregnant. It's like this: Pampers are like the Mercedes of diapers. They're awesome, but also the most expensive. However, you can do their Gifts to Grow program and earn rewards like free Christmas cards from Shutterfly.
I buy Pampers sometimes when I have coupons, but Target diapers are the best and cheapest I have found. They work great, no leaks and cost almost $10 less per box than Pampers. I have to say, I hate Huggies so much that I'm giving away the extras that I have. They leak and don't hold up very well. Boo.

Bouncy Seat
Sam spent the first three months of his life sleeping in this bouncy seat. He has pretty bad acid reflux. Yes babies can have that. And sleeping propped up has been a life saver. We just transitioned him to his crib, but this chair was wonderful and now he plays in it a lot.

Diaper Rash Cream
Since he's been sleeping longer and pees more than I thought possible, we've needed a little diaper rash help. Desitin works great. I use more natural creams too, but Desitin clears it up the fastest.

Hand/Face wipes and or Boogy wipes
I know you could probably use baby wipes for this same purpose, but I LOVE Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes and Boogy Wipes. They both smell great and get all the sticky off his hands and face quick.

Bath Products
I love Aveeno and my pediatrician recommends it. My sweet little man has a little baby eczema and the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Lotion has helped clear it up. It's so creamy and moisturizes way better than their regular lotion. A little goes a long way too, which is nice.

Burp Cloths
We have a spitter and we go through burp cloths and receiving blankets (which I use for burp cloths) almost as fast as we go through diapers. It's ridiculous really. I love using receiving blankets because they're bigger and can hold a lot of spit up.

Changing Pad Covers
These are wonderful. My sweet sister in law gave them to me at my baby shower and I use them on top of the changing table and if they get dirty, I just wash them instead of having to wash the big changing pad sheet.

MOBY wrap
This is the best wrap I've ever seen. It's comfortable and Sam sleeps wonderfully in it. It is way more comfortable than regular carriers and it really does support the baby without hurting your back. It looks a little complicated at first, but I promise, when you get the hang of it, it's awesome.

We just moved onto feeding with rice cereal and so far I like Munchkin bowls and spoons. They're
BPA free and cute!

And for formula, my pediatrician recommends Gerber Good Start. She says it's the best because of all the probiotics and of course, Dr. Brown's bottles.

So those are the things that have made it easier for us. I know this is totally a first world thing. Mothers have been making it without any baby gadgets for a long time, but I might as well share what's helped us out a little.

Happy Baby Shopping!

Oh and I didn't get paid or sent anything to write this. There aren't enough people who read this blog for that to happen. :)

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